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Remodel & Renovation

Have you ever watched an episode of Fixer Upper and by the end, found yourself wishing you lived in Waco? Great news, you don’t have to uproot your family and move across country to convert your house into the home of your dreams.

Whether you currently own, or are in the market for a fixer upper, I am here to help you see a home’s potential, and bring it back to life, in a way that is unique to your families needs and desires. 

At Lindsey Frankus Design & Co., problem solving is a strength, which means you can sit back and relax knowing that everything is taken care of for you. 

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New Construction

I’ve heard it said that if a couple can make it through building a house together, they can weather any storm. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard? What if there was someone who could come in and help with the many decisions and ease the sense of overwhelm? Many times, a couple walks into a new build with two different design styles. Rest assured, that doesn’t have to equal marital problems. It’s actually a good thing. It means you both know what you like! And it has been my experience, that when two styles marry correctly that you end up with a great look that is unique to you and your family.

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Are you tired of your dated home decor, but afraid to pull the trigger on something new? Maybe you’ve got your eye on a new sofa, but aren’t quite sure it will look good in your room. Not to mention, if you bring home one more rug that just doesn’t seem to work out, your husband is going to kill you! Or maybe it’s a pile of wall art that you’ve been holding onto, but you still haven’t hung because you dread the thought of putting holes in the wall, only to find out later it wasn’t the best spot for said artwork. You are not alone. So many people have those exact same fears. And being able to see the end result, helps ease the nerves and turns the fear into excitement.


Staging & Styling

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My husband and I inherited an old farmhouse that needed a major remodel. I had a vision in mind of what I wanted my home to look like but needed some extra help making sure everything flowed and tried to stay with the farmhouse feel. Lindsay came in and gave some much needed help on our small bathroom layout. She also gave guidence with counters, backsplash, and paint colors. One of her first questions to me was how I wanted people to feel when they walked into my home. What I loved the most about Lindsay is that she didn’t throw all HER ideas at me, she gave suggestions and went off the ideas I gave her. The home is my style not someone else. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone looking for help with designing their home.
— Tori