Where it all Began

 Image via  Floret

Image via Floret

When we purchased our old farmhouse years ago, we had visions of a big garden. However, after a lengthy remodel, we decided to work in phases, and as the garden was part of phase two, it had to wait. So last year, it was finally time to begin the process. With lumber left over from the building of our shop, and with the help of our two girls, together we built six raised beds. We planted veggies, and watched some thrive while others failed miserably. And then, we proceeded to (embarrassingly) waste a decent amount of others. It killed my husband to watch it go to waste. So this year, he suggested we dedicate one of the beds specifically to flowers.

Apparently, my husband knows me well. I've always loved cutting and arranging flowers, and have shared with a few how I have always had this crazy pipe dream way back in the very darkest corner of my brain, to own my own florist shop. But isn't it funny how sometimes the things that we love the most get pushed aside by the business of life? Stored away and forgotten about like moldy old leftovers in the back of the refrigerator, until something stirs a memory that leads to many more memories about that exact same thing. And all of the sudden you find yourself stopping to scratch your head for a minute in wonder of how the heck you never strung them all together and realized it was that important to you?

But isn’t it funny how the sometimes the things that we love the most gets pushed aside by the business of life?

For me, the idea of owning my own florist shop was something that would come and go as quickly as my kids when asked to do the dishes. In all of my years as a stay-at-home-mom trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my passions, not once did the flower thing come to mind. But then my husband suggests a flower cutting garden and in no time flat, the memories came rushing in. What started as an idea for a fun way to bring the family together in the great outdoors, teach our daughters the value of hard work and dedication, and simultaneously put a little extra spending money in their pockets quickly turned into something else, taking on a life of it's own. 

 Image via  On Sutton Place

Image via On Sutton Place

I turned to my trusty advisor, Mr. Google in search of a quick list of flowers best suited for a cutting garden. Apparently my husband isn't the only one who knows me well, because Google continued to return results with images of this book called Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden. Time and time again, this blasted book continued to pop up in my face. "I don't want a freaking book, Google!" This was supposed to be quick and easy after all. I don't have time for an entire book. And why would I need a book? How hard can it be? Buy seeds, plant seeds, water said seeds, and Bam! A cutting garden for my entire family to enjoy. Well, after a little poking around, I stumbled onto the most gorgeous blog. It captivated me from the second I landed on it. But you know what's better than a pretty blog? One that is chalk full of good information! So I continued to read, and scroll, and read some more. All the while, not noticing that the book was happily displayed in the sidebar. And then, when I finally came up for air, there it was, sitting there in all of it's "Peek-a-boo, here I am again." glory. I swear if that image could talk it would have said, "Psst, hey lady-you can't outrun me!" And it would have been so right. I soon realized that the book was actually written by the exact same person who owned the blog. Fancy that! That's one of those, okay fine, I give, moments. You know the ones. When the universe is basically slapping you upside the head with something you are supposed to pay attention to. Yep, at that moment, the Universe won. I bought the book. 

 Image via  Terrain

Image via Terrain

What unfolded over the next few weeks turned out to be just what my soul was in search of. As I poured over the pages, both digitally and in real life, I stuffed my brain with as much floral knowledge as I possibly could. And in the spare moments when I wasn't consumed with learning, the memories began to emerge. I thought about the many camping trips growing up, where I would go in search of the most beautiful wildflowers I could get my hands on, then return to camp to create a centerpiece for the table. I thought of the many holiday gatherings where it was my job to take the store-bought bouquet and make it into an arrangement that would be placed front and center. I remembered working late into the night to create bridal bouquets when a childhood friend was getting married. And it didn't stop there. The memories just seemed to flow in, and with every memory that came in, I was more and more convinced that I was onto something special. 

Thank you for being here, and for taking the time to read our story. You are invited to stick around...I have a feeling this is just the beginning!