Cowboy Christmas

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a story. Just ask my husband...if I see something that catches my eye, my frugal tendencies will typically win out. Unless of course, said item has a cool story behind it. Tell me about the person who made it, the reason they were inspired, and you can consider me sold! I've always been this way...sentimental I suppose. So when I decided to partner with the photographer behind the lense of this print, I knew I had to also share the story that goes along with it.

Cowboy the Christmas Cow

Last winter, my friend Liz Ives posted a handful of photos she had snapped, and this handsome guy caught my attention immediately. I jokingly told her that he'd look lovely hanging in my house, but the idea stuck with me. 

Fast forward to this year. I know I've shared with you guys before how since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I've had the desire to create something where I could help other SAHMs earn a little extra money. I also recently decided to tackle my dreams of creating a TFD Style Home line, and in doing so, I ended up collaborating with another photographer friend of mine. So I got to thinking, What if Liz and I teamed up and offered her talents to cow lovers all over the world? She agreed and I could not be more happy! Let me tell you why.

Liz Ives family photo

Liz Ives is one of the kindest women I've ever met. She is selfless beyond measure, has a heart of gold, and pours everything she has into her faith and her family. With her husband, the Ives had four adorable, and energetic little boys. But Liz had more love to give, and after feeling called to adopt, they opened their hearts and their home to two sweet little girls, bringing their kiddo count to six! Now with that many youngsters, you might guess that the Ives crew doesn't get out much, but you'd be mistaken. If the Ives kids aren't at home, playing on the farm, Liz is taking her littles out to learn and explore in the real world. She is truly an inspiration, and those are six of the luckiest kids I've ever met. 

As for Cowboy the Christmas Cow, he was one of the Ives' first steer on the farm, and yes, you guessed it, his name was Cowboy. Liz has a love for photography, and told me that she tries to keep her camera on her as often as possible so that she can capture a good shot when she sees one. To say that I am happy she had her camera with her on this particular cold, winter day would be an understatement! Not only do I now have this gorgeous print hanging above my kitchen sink, I get to take one step closer to achieving my dream of helping other mamas make a little extra money while they are at home raising their families! 

Cowboy Christmas

Cowboy Christmas prints are now up for grabs in three different sizes. Click the link to order yours! Need a frame? I really loved the looks of these from The Rusty Roof on Amazon (see below). However, you know I'm a DIYer at heart, so I opted for a quick trip to Goodwill where I found an old, ugly print in a wood frame that was the right size and brought it home to breathe new life into it. A little bit of paint in the color, Christmas Red, and good cleaning, and Cowboy Christmas was ready to hang! 

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