Save over $800 with this Tutorial: DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light

DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial

Ladies, have you ever purchased something solely based on the fact that it looked awesome, only to find out later that (while pretty) it maybe wasn't the best option after all? It's the age old question...form or function? And while our male counterparts will almost always opt for function, us ladies are hardwired to instinctively lean toward form. Am I right? Case in point...while bargain shopping for lighting for our house, I found a ceiling fan with light that was PERFECT for my husband's office. It was was unique, masculine, brought in the same feel as the light in my inspiration room, and get this-it was on clearance! Meant to be, right? I thought so. Which is why I ignored my husbands suggestion that the tiny, little light bulb might not be enough to properly illuminate the room. The electrician installed it, and it looked great...until night fell and we soon realized that my husband was right. Ugh, how I hate it when that happens. After years of complaints, I finally found the perfect replacement at Shades of Light. Only too bad for me, because it was priced at $870! Yowzers, this DIY'er was having a major case of sticker shock. It was time to find an old cast- off somewhere and work my magic.

While out junking this summer, my daughter and I found this old pendant light and I saw some potential. Not quite as large as the Hammered Steel Dome Pendant from Shades of Light, but close enough for my liking. I picked it up for less than $5, brought it home and wiped it down.

DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial

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Step 1.

With one hand holding the light in place, take a ball peen hammer in the other, and, using the rounded end, pound away. Start by striking the metal lightly and increase the intensity of your strikes slowly (so that you don't whack too hard and damage your light) as you go. You'll be amazed at the arm workout you will get doing this. It is also a very noisy part of the project, so be sure and grab yourself some ear protection. Work your way around the entire surface of the light, getting as many dings in is as you possibly can. 

DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial
DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial

Step 2.

Spray paint the outside of your light with Rust-Oleum Hammered Silver spray paint. Be sure to spray the chain, and canopy as well. Allow to dry.

Step 3.

Turn the light upside down, and apply painters tape to the rim to attach some paper (to protect your newly painted silver pendant), then blast the inside with a coat of your favorite metallic gold spray paint. Allow to dry, then remove tape and paper. 

Tutorial. DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light

Step 4.

Give your pendant that darkened, aged finish with a little black craft paint, paint brush (or foam brush), and paper towels. Working in small sections, apply paint to the pendant. Be sure and get the black paint into all of the dents and crevices, then quickly wipe off the paint with a paper towel (leaving behind black paint in the low spots). This is where you can have fun with it...go as light or as dark with the paint as you like, to achieve a look that you are happy with. I always like to leave some heavier spots along the edges to get a nice authentic look. 

DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial

Step 5.

Install that sucker and enjoy the fact that you saved yourself a ton of money!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to post them in the comments below, or shoot me an email. 

DIY Hammered Dome Pendant Light Tutorial
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