Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Being a DIY addict stems from a few different things. The first, and possibly the most obvious is the money saving factor. Let's just get it out there, so that we're all on the same page…I am cheap, frugal, financially responsible (call it what you will, but this girl likes to save money). That’s what happens when you refuse to live in an ugly home, but have chosen to be a single income family. You get creative, and you get to work…with your imagination and your hands that is. 

Kids table makeover

Another reason I love to DIY is because I am a very emotional being who highly values sentimental things. No joke, I absolutely love to surround myself with items that have memories attached. So, if given the option to buy a table from the store or have one that has been passed down from my late grand parents, I’ll take the hand-me-down any day. The beauty of not being afraid to tackle DIY projects is that you can alter those sentimental pieces to fit your home. So you are killing two birds with one stone…saving money, and keeping cherished items in your possession. 

This kids table and chairs makeover is a great example. My niece just turned one year old (you can catch her nursery reveal here), and for her birthday, I refinished a little table that was my sister’s when she was just a little girl. I just added a few sturdy, school chairs, gave it a little makeover, and little miss Lola is set! My sister now has a very special piece of furniture in her house, that was redone specifically to match their decor, it is functional, and it really didn’t cost me much at all. Ok, so enough with the text, let’s get to the good stuff…

Kids table and chair makeover

Pretty gross right? My girls had been using and abusing this for a few years.

kids table and chairs makeover

I started off by cleaning both the table and chairs the best I could.

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Next, I gave the table a light sanding to remove any permanent marker/stains, wiped it clean and spray painted it with several coats of Rust-Oleum 2x coverage in Gloss White. 

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

I love finding little messages hidden on furniture, so once the table was dry, I flipped it over and wrote a little message to the birthday girl. 

kids table and chairs makeover

For the chairs, I removed the seats and backs by simply unscrewing them with my driver. Once separated, I took a little steel wool to the chair frame to clean off any little specs of rust that were emerging. I followed this step with a good cleaning to remove any particles left behind from the steel wool, then spray painted them gold. The seats were first sprayed with a few coats of primer and then finished off with a few coats of light pink. 

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Once all of the pieces had dried completely, I put the seats and backs on the chair frames and was nearly finished. 

Last step...find out if the Birthday girl approves!

Kids table and chair makeover was a success! Lola loves her new table and chairs!

Kid Tested, Mother Approved!

Do you have any furniture in your house that has been passed down to you but doesn't really "go" with your decor? Have you ever considered giving it a makeover so that it blends in better? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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