Home Sweet Home-Our Decision Not to Sell

I drove up to our house today after taking the girls school supply shopping, to notice something had changed. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, and then I realized...I didn't have to swerve to miss the John L. Scott real estate sign that had been standing in front of our man gate for the last few months. And it hit me, this is for real.

We are officially not moving. 

Home Sweet Home-Our Decision Not to Sell

If you'd like to take a peek inside, click here.

What an emotional roller coaster ride it has been! 

  • Dreaming of the perfect place, and all of the things we'd like that place to have and be for our family. [Exciting]
  • Growing to not really like our current home, because, well, it's not that perfect dream house we've been envisioning, and ultimately making the decision to list. [Unsatisfied and anxious]
  • Working our tails off to prepare to go live. Inside and outside, fixing things that have needed to be fixed for over a year, and finishing things that have carried over from the remodel phase. Literally, working until our fingers bled (okay, that sounds dramatic, but in all truthfulness, this really did happen). [Tiring and painful]
  • Standing back after all of our hard work was done and realizing that our little place isn't so bad. In fact, now that all of these nagging projects have been checked off the list, we can really enjoy our house once again. Maybe we shouldn't put in on the market after all??? Ugh! [Confused]
  • Pulling the trigger in a "hot" market where homes are selling within a day, a week, maybe a month at tops, and knowing that ours is going to take "just the right buyer", so we'll have to be patient. [Excited and anxious]
  • Fighting the exhaustion of being a stay-at-home mom (who, yes, you guessed it, has kids home all day long) and trying to keep the house immaculate at all times...just in case someone wants to come see it. If you're a mom, you know that this is a joke. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was higher than average during this time and that my kids most likely had some not-so-flattering nickname for me when I wasn't around. [Tired and crazy]
  • Getting a full price offer which meant we could move forward on the land we had made a contingent offer on. [Woot woot, happy dance]
  • Working with the county to get a jump start on our due diligence. [Frustrating]
  • Finding out that the offer was being terminated (on my way into a school board meeting where I was nervous as all hell to get up and speak). [Boo]
  • Losing out on the property we hoped for. [Totally bummed]

"We convinced ourselves to stay!"

After losing out on the property, we had a few more showings, and then sat stale for a while. For about a month we didn't show the house once. During this time, we had some time to think...to ponder the, "what ifs". What if we don't sell? This question is a true test of character. You can be mad, sad, or depressed and hate the home that you are "stuck" in. Or, you can be positive and choose to look at all of the reasons you like where you are and why it's best for you to just stay put. You can, (and we did) convince ourselves to stay. Now, I'm not saying that I don't still very much want to leave. I do...someday. But I realized that there were more important reasons to wait it out. 

Home Sweet Home-Our Decision Not to Sell

The first, and most obvious to me, was on my husband's behalf. We have finally accomplished all of the things that have to be done around here. Anything we do from here on out is out of pleasure (like the pool house aka R&R Surf Shack we just built), or because it's something we want to do. To my husband (who works crazy, long hours), this equates to coming home and actually spending quality time with our family. No more spending weekends digging trenches for sprinkler systems, or building fences so that our kids don't get hit by a passing car. We are finally to a point where he can come home and relax, and the idea of another fixer upper or building from scratch is not one that really excites him at the moment. We are looking forward to more quality family time and making memories with our girls while they are still young enough to want to hang out with us. Wink wink. 

Here is where I talk about death, money & inheritance. Sorry (but not really) if that makes you uncomfortable. It's life, and I'm just keepin' it real around here.

The second big reason we decided to stay is because I had a HUGE change of heart and mind about something very important. You see, last Fall my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather worked very hard to build a business from the ground up and were always very smart with their money. In their passing, they left us a piece of what they had worked so hard for. So, our grand plan in selling this place was to use that inheritance money to help us buy a little more land in a more secluded area. But something changed in me while we sat on the market. Did I really want to live the rest of my life thinking that the reason we had that perfect house on the perfect piece of property was because my grandparents and husband worked so hard for it? Or did I want to feel like I had something to do with it? I suppose you can guess the answer. I most definitely want to feel like I've helped us achieve that dream. And by deciding to wait on something that I want so badly, I'm hoping to instill a little hunger within...the carrot in front of my face.

For years, I've been playing around with different business ideas...testing the creative waters if you will. All along, I've been preparing for when my time as a stay-at-home mom was over. This Fall, my time is over (insert sad face here). With our youngest going into the first grade, I will have a good chunk of uninterrupted time where I won't feel guilty because I wrote a blog post while she sat and watched a show. It is time to put everything I've learned into place, spread my wings, and fly! Which brings me to my next reason for staying. 

By now I'm sure you know how much I love everything that has to do with remodels, diy, decorating and design. Can you imagine if we sold this place and went on to do another house remodel? Or better yet, built from the ground up? I would be all-consumed in the process, and in the end, would delay the dream of moving forward in creating my own business even longer. 

So my friends, we stay! We have more time to enjoy our family, more time to focus on TFD Style, and the opportunity to help achieve my dream home just waiting at my fingertips. 

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