Lola's Nursery Reveal

Hallelujah, Lola's nursery is finally finished! Never mind the fact that she turns four months old tomorrow. It's finished my friends, and that makes me a happy camper. Lucky for me, she has been bunking up in her parent's room, so they haven't actually needed it done before now. If you are just joining us for the first time, you can catch post numbers one, two, and three of this series by clicking on the corresponding highlighted number. We were going for a calming nursery that was a good blend of rustic and polished, and my sister requested that it have a woodsy, outdoor vibe. I've got loads of pics to share with you, so enough of the text, let's get to it! As you enter the room...

The mirror was a Holiday Decor item I picked up at HomeGoods for only $25 around Christmas.

The growth chart didn't cost me a thing! I made it out of a piece of scrap wood we had on hand, then sanded painted and stained it with leftover materials from a different project. The numbers were cut using my Cricut Explore and vinyl. The horseshoe was free (the perk of living in a family of farriers). I just cleaned it up, painted it silver and gave it a good dose of silver glitter. 

Remember that DIY Footstool Makeover? The one with the faux fur and my first attempt at a Video tutorial? This is the room that was made for!

Are you read for some before and after photos?





Ok, back to making our way around the room.

The "L" shaped shelf was another freebie, that I made the morning of install with scrap wood. I used some pieces with rough edges to give it a rustic look, then had my sister sand and stain it while I was working in the nursery that day. 

The silver desk was a piece of furniture that my sister already had in the room, and it fit our color scheme, so we just moved it in front of the window. The curtains are from Ikea, and are perfect for this room. They are silver and white pinstripe, and are lined, so when little miss Lola needs to get her beauty sleep, they won't have to worry about the light. The tie backs are a nod to our brother, and can be made using this tutorial

I scored the canvas at Ross Dress for Less for a great deal. It had me at silver glitter! The wire shelves were a junking find from a few years ago, and I love their old, rusty finish. See that little glittery, silver bunny on the bottom shelf? It was ugly! Picture a white, porcelain rabbit with a painted pink nose. Baaad! I found it on the trinket isle at Goodwill. I'm fairly certain that's not the correct term for the area in which I found the bunny, but it's the isle where you feel like you've walked into a tweaker's house when you walk through. You know the one. With little keepsakes all jammed on top of each other, and lots of creepy clown eyes staring up at you. Nah? Well, you should check it out. You might just find yourself a treasure!

Would ya look at those sweet feet?!? I gave my sister this little canvas to take to the hospital for footprints, in lieu of the traditional baby book. Because let's all be honest with each other for a minute here, once baby number two comes along, that baby book ceases to be updated.

Annnnd, the birch tree wall from this tutorial...

Crib wall 2.jpg

Remember in Post One of this series when I mentioned that we were saving big bucks on this room design? The crib, chair and changing table were all used by my girls and handed down. She purchased a new mattress, crib sheets, and this ruffled skirt from Target. For the comforter, she picked out this adorable fabric from Hawthorne Threads. The front is called Wander Woods in Petal, the binding is Meandering in Petal, and the backing is called Branches in Ash. I bound the edges, but opted for the old fashioned yarn ties to hold the layers together. 

One of my favorite things in the room is the birdhouse nightlight. Not only was it super easy to make, you can customize it to match your decor. For Lola's nursery, I painted the house pink, and the roof and floor silver. And yes, I added more silver glitter over top of the paint. I couldn't resist! Want to know how I made it? Just hop on my newsletter list by entering your email address below, and I'll send you a tutorial...but, here's the catch-you've got to do it by Friday, May 8! If you are already on my list, be watching for this to hit your inbox next Saturday. 

Let's talk for a minute about this mobile. The entire time I was planning the nursery, I kept thinking, "Oh yeah, the mobile, she needs a mobile." But it kept getting bumped further and further down the priority list. Maybe because I hadn't come up with anything that really rocked my world, maybe because they are usually really, really ugly, I'm not quite sure. All I know is that I wasn't one bit excited about it. At one point I remember thinking, "Maybe she doesn't really need a mobile anyway." I mean do babies really even like those things? Well, I have an answer to that question my friends, and it is YES! Before setting out to put the nursery together, I had cut out some birds from scrapbooking paper. I used some really pretty double sided stuff by Stampin' Up, and hole punched a tiny hole in the top for hanging. Then, as I walked outside, I saw my dog chewing on a stick in the yard, took it from him, and tossed it in the back of the truck. After breaking it in two, I drilled a screw through both pieces to secure them together. My mom and sister then tied the birds onto the sticks with fishing line. While they were doing this, baby Lola was laying on the floor watching, and she was mesmerized! So, in summary, yes, babies do like and need a mobile in their room...but only if it's a cute one. Please don't instill bad design in your children by forcing them to stare at ugly little stuffed bears for hours-that's just not nice.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have voted on which print to hang above the changing table. We ended up going with deer, but using the Dream Big Little One on a different wall (seen in pics above). At first I was hesitant to use the deer anywhere in the room because we didn't really have anything other than grey, pink, silver and white going on and I was afraid it would work. But when I got there, I realized that the comforter had a blueish green in it. And Bam! Just like that, the little fawn one.

And check out this little wooden box! A friend of my sister's gave it to her. Not only did she paint the deer head on it, she added some cute little casters! It couldn't have been more perfect for the space. And that super soft blanket on top...that was another special gift. Handmade, and in the perfect colors for the room. 

Thanks so much for sticking with me on this one. I know it was a long post, but I really wanted to share all of the details that went into making this room so special. And by the looks of it, I'd say Lola and her beautiful Mama are pleased!



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