New Life Brings New Designs: a calming, rustic, nursery for a special baby girl.

Today's post is the first in a series that is very near and dear to my heart. Today, I will introduce the newest member of our family (and you may want to have a thermometer ready, because if this little bundle of joy doesn't give you an instant case of baby fever, I don't know what will). So what's on the chopping block? After melting your heart with photos of my sweet niece and sharing our inspiration board with you, I'll be breaking down a few of the projects that went into the creating this room design and sharing some tutorials with you. Then, after teasing you with mood boards, cute babies, and user friendly tutorials, I'll finally reveal the finished product...a calming, rustic nursery, with feminine flair.

So, without further ado; friends, I'd like to introduce you to little miss Lola! She is daughter to one of the most amazing women I baby sister, best friend, and sweetest gal you could ever hope to meet. I was lucky enough to get to spend the day shooting [amateur] newborn photographs of these two beauties. 

As soon as my sister found out she was preggers, I was chomping at the bit to help her decorate the nursery. Knowing how excited I can get about these things though, I really practiced some self restraint and tried my best not to go nusto crazy with the planning. I wanted to follow her lead. After all, she is the mother, and it is her first baby, in her new house. I wanted to respect her wishes and make sure it was her vision we carried out, not mine. So we did what any modern-day gals do when it's time to dream up a new space, and we started pinning of course! Have I mentioned before how much I love Pinterest? Why in the world would anyone try to use words to communicate design now that we have this precious visual tool at our finger tips? 

Design Inspiration

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Design Plan

After spending some time, pinning, comparing, and analyzing, we came to a conclusion. The baby's nursery would be a calming, rustic, space with some natural elements and lots of little critters. The room would remain the original color, white (as they just finished building their house, so the paint was fresh and ready to go), but we would add in a soft shade of grey via the wall of birch trees, some silver and pops of light pink for a little added femininity. Here is a look at the mood board I came up with.

To save money, the crib, rocking chair, and changing table were all borrowed. Luckily for us, they were all white, which fit nicely into the plan. The birch tree walls were first on the list, so I'll be sharing a quick overview of how we saved a ton of money and got a nice custom look by using painters tape and a craft knife in the next sticky wall decals needed!

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