Extreme DIY-Horse Trailer Makeover

Greetings! Did you read on the About page where I divulge that I am a DIY addict? It’s true, I have a problem. I’ve been known to attempt some of the most ridiculous tasks…all by myself. The good news for you is that I weed out all of those ugly little projects that fall into the “one should never try that on their own” category so that you don’t have to suffer through the pain of, say, a DIY Brazilian Wax just days before your wedding! I’ve done that, and it was ugly I tell ya! Stupid, even. Never. Try. It. But I like to think I took one for the team, so you’re welcome. All joking aside though, I do have a bit of a problem (I realize I mention that twice in this paragraph-going to leave it though because it is 100% truth). There have been many times when I’ve gotten into a project, and after the high of the challenge wears off and I find myself completely frustrated, I angrily ask, “What the heck was I thinking?” and "Who do I think I am?". That was the case when I decided to completely overhaul an old two horse trailer that had been sitting in my parents’ pasture for months.

Meet Peggy Sue

The Story Behind the Trailer...

No delivery trucks, canned hams, or cargo trailers around here! I needed something a little more true to TFD Style...I needed a glorified 2 horse trailer! This trailer was truly a labor of love. From where she once sat in a lonely pasture with fir trees literally growing inside-I had a vision. A little elbow grease (ok, a lot), and many hours later, that vision has turned into reality, and she is now turning many a heads. 

The original plan: convert the horse trailer into a mobile boutique to cart around and sell my handmade goods out of. Think sketchy man in a black, pleather jacket slinging watches from his trunk in NYC...only country style. Just a girl in her boots, driving her trailer around and setting up shop. 

The actual outcome:gave Miss Peggy Sue (Yes, I named her), a complete makeover, and never sold a thing out of her! We got a pony for the girls, so when she isn't being used for her actual purpose, she is used as the cutest cargo trailer around! She has been just perfect for hauling furniture and decor when it's time to do an install for a client. 

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because this blog is all about Courageous DIY, and let me tell you...tackling this kind of a project with absolutely zero experience in auto body work took more than courage, it took cajones! Yes, the guys at various stores snickered at me when I told them what I was doing. Yes, there were times when I really wanted to give up. And yes, it was hard work. But, in the words of the wise Marie Forleo, "Everything is figureoutable." And that's exactly what I did. I researched a ton, I wasn't afraid to ask questions, and I am so happy that I stuck it out. And while I'm quoting genius women, I'll let you in on something that my Grandmother used to tell me, and all of her painting students, "Nothing is permanent, you can always fix it if you aren't pleased with it."

So next time you are pondering taking on a project of your own, and you are feeling a little scared, anxious or nervous,  just remember, everything is figureoutable and nothing is permanent...You got this!

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