3 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

I'm hoping I'm not too late with this post. Do you have your Christmas tree yet? If not, I have 3 Tips to help you pick the perfect tree. If so, tuck these tips in your memory bank for next year! 

3 tips to choosing the perfect christmas tree

Tip #1

3 Tips to finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

You've heard the old saying, "Measure twice, cut once." Well, that applies to Christmas tree shopping too. If you want to find the perfect tree, you are going to have to start at home. Clear the area that you plan to put your tree for the season, get out a tape measure and take two very important measurements. The first will be the height. You'll want to measure from the floor to the ceiling, and subtract a foot or two to account for your tree stand and your topper. You can decide how much to subtract based on the size of those two things. We have 10' ceilings, and I opted for a tree no taller than 8'. The second measurement you'll want to take is the width of the space you have available for your tree. When you get out to the tree farm, or Christmas tree lot, and you are standing around a ton of other trees, they can all start to look the same, and it's a little more difficult to gauge how chubby of a tree you are really getting. So, write those two measurements down, stick them in your pocket, and don't forget to pack that tape measure when you head out the door. You are going to want it handy as you "size" up the available trees.

Tip #2

Tip number two is also one that requires some planning on the front end. And this is one that could save you some money, or frustration (or both)! I want you to take into consideration your collection of ornaments for a minute. Do you have a lot of heavy ornaments that will require good sturdy branches in order to hold them up? Are there a lot of long, slender ornaments that will need some spacing in between branches so that they can hang freely? If so, you might want to head to the noble fir area.  If however, you have a lot of smaller, light weight ornaments, you could get away with something more bushy with less rigid branches. There is nothing more frustrating than hanging that beautiful, new, glass ornament and then hearing it come crashing down, because your tree didn't have the strength to hold it. Be thoughtful of what you are putting on your tree when you select which variety you get, and you will be happier in the long run.

Tip #3

Pay close attention to the top! I can't tell you how many good looking trees we saw this year that didn't "make the cut" because of the very tip top of the tree. Some had multiple tips (Umm, which one does the star/angel/topper go on?), some had just two and looked like devil horns (Definitely not meshing with this Christian based holiday.), and others were whacked off, crooked, and/or otherwise wonky. If you find yourself struggling with any degree of OCD, I recommend that you really take this tip to heart, because no one wants to spend the entire month of December adjusting the crooked tree topper!

3 Tips to finding the perfect christmas tree

From my family to yours...

 We wish you a very Merry Christmas Tree Hunting experience!

Happy (Christmas Tree) Hunting!
Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree
Happy (Christmas Tree) Hunting

Do you have any tree buying tips that you'd like to share with other readers? If so, fire away in the comments below!

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