How to Save Money on Halloween Decorations

3 Tips for saving money on Halloween Decor

Do your kids start begging you to drag out the Halloween decor the second they start seeing bags of candy and spooky decorations hit the store shelves? I know mine do. And while I do love to get into the Halloween spirit, I wasn't much in the mood to drop a bunch of extra money "haunting" our house this year. I decided instead to keep it simple, focus on the mantel, and call it good. Which brings me to my first tip:

1. When trying to stretch your dollar, focus on one small area and make it kick ass. 

While it may feel like spreading things out is stretching your money, it could actually be hurting you (in the decor sense that is). By strewing little bits of decoration all over the house you aren't able to have any impact, and it gives the impression that you just didn't have enough decorations to do it right. Instead, pick one or two areas to focus on and make them pack a punch. By doing this, it looks intentional, and good design is the result of being intentional. 

2. Stay true to your style.

I often joke that I am a walking contradiction, so I completely understand that people have a variety of tastes. However, when deciding how to decorate for the holidays, it is best to keep with the style of your home (or at the very least, all of the same style of seasonal decor). Sure, I see the traditional orange, purple, black, and red Halloween decor at the store. And sometimes it really catches my eye. But when shopping for and decorating for the different seasons and holidays, I try to remember to stay true the everyday decor of my house. For me, this means keeping it black and white, with some vintage looking pieces and metal finishes. By doing this, it creates a cohesive feel that adds to the overall appeal of your decor. The other added bonus to following this rule is that you can add to your collection over the years. Any time you find a great deal on something, you can snag it and add it to what you have without worrying if it will "go" with what you've got. This ends up being a HUGE money saver. 

3. Shake what your mama gave ya!

In other words...Use what you have. Take a look at the pictures of my mantel. The large pieces are actually just items I found around our house and in storage. The wooden drying rack, and white clock are a constant on our mantel. I knew I needed some more height, and larger pieces to take up space, so I brought in the lamp, apothecary jar, metal ship, owl statue, candelabras, and crawfish cage (that actually used to be one of the pendants over our breakfast bar). By doing this, I was able to save loads of money by only filling in with actual Halloween decorations...most of which came from the Dollar Store! The gauze, crows, owls, rats and most of the skulls all set me back just $1 each. And those super cool pumpkins were all under $10 each at Ross Dress For Less. 

Happy Haunting!

How to save money on Halloween Decor
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