Wall Art on the Cheap & How to Hang It

Happy Friday! How's it hangin'? Ok, bad joke. But really, have you ever bought a cheap canvas print, only to get it home and realize that it didn't come with any hardware to properly hang it? Yes, you could just stick a nail in the wall and rest it on that...but if you are like the rest of the world, you'd probably like for it to hang evenly on that nail-for it to be nice an level. And, yes, they sell picture hanging kits at the hardware store, but let's face it..that is a big, fat, overkill for these lightweight beauties. All you really need is a little lightweight wire (I use floral wire & they cary it at the Dollar Store-Score!), some wire cutters or craft scissors, and two thumb tacks. That's it! Are you ready to see just how quick and easy this is? 

Just remember, that in this case, size does matter. If the canvas is too big, it may be too heavy for the tacks and lightweight wire. Use your best judgement, but I'd say if the piece is bigger than a couple of feet in either direction, you may want to beef up your efforts :-)

Where To Find Great Deals on Canvas Wall Art

Ok, so if you are like most of my friends, you are saying, "Yeah that's great Lindsey, but where the heck do I find these cute canvas prints you speak of?" Let me tell you-HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross. They all have super cute wall art at great prices. I'm talking anywhere from $10-$40 depending on size. And let me tell you why I love them so...aside from the fact that they are super cute, you couldn't make them for that much! The price of the canvas plus whatever materials you would use to fancy them up would cost you way more. And let's not forget the value of your sweet, precious time! So do yourself a favor, go buy yourself a new piece of cheap wall art, hang it up with some floral wire and tacks, then use your free time to kick up your feet with a glass of wine and the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy! Hope you have a great weekend! 

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