Mid Century Chair Makeover

Holy smokes, I'd say it's about time to dust off the cobwebs and get back to blogging! Hope you all had fantastic summer vacations. I know I did, because it seems like just yesterday that the kids were getting out of school. Time flies when you are having fun!  We did our usual...crammed a year's worth of fun into our 3 dry months. Camping, boating, bbq's, sports camps, traveling, the list goes on. Would you believe me if I told you that we were only actually home one week in August, and that week was spent working like a mad woman to finish stage-one of a design project for a super cool salon? True story friends. Any who, we are home, and I feel like everyday since, I've hit the ground running...been so busy that I haven't even had time to share what I've been working on with you. I have been snapping lots of pics though, so stick around, and those projects will surface...eventually ;-) For the quick, daily updates and photos be sure and join the crowd over at facebook and instagram

And now, for the $2.99 chair that I scored at Goodwill yesterday....

chair makeover.jpg

Ok, so it wasn't too pretty in it's former state, but luckily I could see past that. And with a price of $2.99, I couldn't go wrong. I mean, even if the project was a complete flop, it was well worth the money spent, just to try something new. Seriously folks, each and every project I do, I learn something new.

My DIY advice-don't be afraid to try a new project (and remember-spending less money makes it less scary).

If I had stopped trying after my first reupholstery attempt, I would never be where I am today. A little elbow grease, new cushion, some hefty white vinyl, upholstery nail heads and BAM! She goes from resembling an old worn out pair of pants from the 70's, to modern, sleek and sexy! 

See that concrete planter to the right of the chair? Want to know how to make your own? What if I told you that It's quick, cheap and super easy? Oh and the best part...I'm working on a DIY tutorial that I'll send right to your inbox! Just drop your email in the box below and you'll be among the lucky ones who receives instructions complete with a materials list and lots of pics.