Ikea Plant Pots-From Blah to Wah!?!?

I was recently at Ikea and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted these adorable little pots! I wasn't sure exactly where I was going to use them, or what I would do to them, but for only $1.99 each, I knew I would figure something out! Small, simple, earthy-they had potential my friends. So here is a quick little rundown on how I took them from Blah to Wah?!?!?

plant pots.jpg

Step 1. Not much explanation needed. Just take out your blue painters tape and go to town. Be sure and cover all areas that you do NOT want to turn out gold. I wanted my designs to serve as accents because I really like the natural color of the pot, so I was sure to cover most of the pot with tape.

Step 2. Take your pots to a well ventilated area, and lightly cover all of the exposed pot by holding the can about 6" away and sweeping the can back and forth over the surface.

A quick tip for any rattle can newbies-start spraying before you actually hit the pot. This will keep from having a huge blob of paint spray out and ruin your project. 

Step 3. Sorry guys, no photo for this step. Just wait for the paint to dry, and carefully peel the tape away from your pot. Go slow, and if any edges start to peel up, gently tap them back down with your fingertip. Also, be sure to hold the previously removed tape away from the pot as you go (Or, if the piece is already free, discard immediately). This will keep the recently removed tape from touching your freshly painted surface and pulling off any of your pretty new gold accents.

Step 4. Fill those bad boys with your favorite plants. I chose some small succulents-also from Ikea, and am really digging how it all turned out. 

Next on the chopping block...a hanging plant holder to display these beauts (that's short for beauties). Wanna know one sure fire way that you won't miss it? Sign up for our newsletter below and we'll deliver it straight to your inbox!