Design Roast- 3 More Common Decorating Mistakes

I mentioned in the previous Design Roast that there are definitely more than three common decorating mistakes, so today we're going to tackle three more. If you missed that post, check it out here. As you read through these, be sure and take a look at your own house. Just like your wardrobe, as time passes, so do decorating trends. 

The "Showroom Floor" decorating mistake is often made by people who have ample amounts of money, minuscule amounts of free time, and a belief that more expensive = better. Some might have just one room in their house that is like this, and it is often referred to as the "No No room". Which translates to, "Stay out", "Look but don't touch", "This room costs more than your life"...or in my book, "This room is a waste of hard earned money and square footage because we never actually use it-but hey, look how fancy we are!"

To be fair, I will acknowledge that there are some very good reasons for this common mistake. One, is lack of knowledge or vision. I get it, we don't all have an eye for design. So to this person, props to you, you made a valid attempt which is much more than I can say for those in the College Carryover category. It makes sense to go to your local furniture store and buy everything in their faux Living Room, the problem is that there is absolutely no personality in those rooms! This is a strategic move on their part-they can't very well go putting up family photos or mementos, because they would be excluding everyone but that particular family. They leave it without any sign of life in hopes that you will take it home and make it your own. Unfortunately, the latter rarely happens, and you are left with a very uninviting room.

Have you ever walked into a house and felt like you were inside a box of crayons? You know what I mean, every wall is a different color, every room sports an "accent" wall. Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and faux painting techniques abound. Again, an attempt has been made, unfortunately, the homeowner didn't know where to stop. Too much color and pattern can be distracting, and interrupts the "flow" in a home. It also creates a very juvenile feel. We'll cover choosing whole-house paint color in a later post, but for now, lets just leave it with less is more. :-)

Soooo many people do this. My husband is hands down, the #1 culprit. Tornado Touchdown happens when people push all of their furniture up against the walls, leaving a room looking like it was picked up, spun around, and set back down. Couches are probably the piece of furniture that people do this with the most. Maybe it's because people feel like they get more usable space by doing this? I'm really not sure where the desire come from, but lets just talk a little bit more about this for a minute. 

First of all, even if you just pull the sofa off the wall a foot, you are going to dramatically improve the look of the room, and you are losing all of what? A foot? A loss well worth it, trust me! A couch is not a boat and does not need to be anchored to anything, especially a wall, but if you are super afraid that your couch will set sail without it being attached to something, then stick a console table behind it-problem solved. Don't have a console table? Put a rug down and bring the front of you sofa up to the rug. Whatever you do, just remember that art is for walls, not furniture.