Add Instant Curb Appeal

In honor of today being the first day of Spring, I raise my glass to all of you DIY-ers out there and say,

"Cheers! Here's to good weather, loads of outside projects, many trips to the local hardware store, and the fact that for the next 6 months out of year, we will all be either speckled in paint, scraping dirt out from under our nails, and/or nursing the blisters on our precious hands! Happy Home Improvement! to all of you Weekend Warriors"

I also wanted to share with you, a quick and easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home. This one is uber simple, and satisfies all of you in need of instant gratification (I know, because I am one of you). You ready for this? Repaint/stain your deck! Think of your deck as your grill (that's your teeth for anyone who doesn't follow my slang attempts). Picture this, Siri lands you at a new friends house. From the driver seat you can see the upper portion of the home peeking over a fence and you are starting to get an overall vibe of the place...not too bad, you think to yourself. You then open the front gate, and BAM! Standing smack dab in front of you is the front porch...the "smile" or "teeth" if you will. The oh-so important first impression. There is a reason people get braces you know. Same goes for your home. Spruce it up folks!

Make a good first impression!

Painting an entire exterior can be expensive and time consuming. You would be amazed at how by just painting the front porch, all of the sudden, your house paint looks 10 times better. So grab yourself some deck paint (I used Shirwin-Williams), and get to it. After a light sanding, and a little clean-up, I was able to knock this small project with big impact out in no a day or less.