BEST Jeans for Curvy & Athletic Women


Is shopping for jeans just as painful as shopping for swimsuits? Do you find that you have to try on a million pair and even then, you go home not with the perfect pair of jeans, but what feels like the lesser of all evils? Me too! Well, I used to anyway. I have recently stumbled on a little denim secret I'd like to share with you. 

I should preface this by saying that this post is not for the long and lean. If you've ever complained about not having a butt, or that you have chicken legs, then I'm sorry friend, but this article will be of no help to you.

The information I'm about to divulge is for us healthy girls (not implying skinny girls aren't in good health-just saying they don't have as much cushion for the pushin' is all). By healthy, I mean, you are athletic, you've got a little junk in the trunk, and a pair of thighs that have at one time or another in your life, made the boys in PE jealous. Trying on jeans usually results in a great fit through the thighs and buttocks, leaving you with a gaping waistline. You have most likely said out loud on at least one occasion in your life, "It's like they think everyone with thighs and a butt must also have a belly to match!" Because of this, you probably also have a killer belt collection! 

Well ladies, get ready to toss those belts aside. Actually, keep 'em. But you won't need them like you did before. They will no longer be the cinch that hides the gap. Your belts can now be used to add a little interest to your outfit, and help guarantee that you don't go showing your lacy underoos when you bend over! What I'm trying to say, is that you can finally use your belt for it's intended purpose, not as a tool to hide the fact that your britches don't fit correctly.

These wonderful jeans that I'm speaking of, come from a brand by the name of Ariya. 

Ariya Jeans are known as the Curvy Brand of jeans and pride themselves on being lower in the front, not having a gap in the back and are made to Show off your Assets! I first found these jeans on one of my frequent trips to Ross Dress for Less, and have been a BIG fan ever since. For $19.99 I got a pair of jeans that fit like a glove, are a great wash, with attractive stitching and pockets, and quality weight (thickness). Score! Until recently I would scour the racks every time I entered a Ross hoping to find another pair...and then, one day, there they were, on a rack by the checkout line. I immediately grabbed a pair in my size and proceeded to checkout-without even trying them on, which is unheard of for me given my past denim experiences. You know what? They fit! Just like the first pair, and for only $16.99 this time! I decided I needed to find out where else these Ariya Jeans were sold and invest in a few more pairs. 

Here's the part where you cannot be a store snob, because honestly, I remember thinking, "Does that yucky store really still exist?" Funny that I shop Ross, countless thrift shops, the Goodwill Clearance store, and still cringed a bit on this one. After a little internet searching, I found that Deb actually sells these magnificent jeans. Yes, you read that right, Deb. I have terrible memories of this store from my high school years, but surprisingly it's still around. I lucked out, and hit some end of the year clearance sales on their website and got 3 pairs of jeans with free shipping for under $60...the best part, I didn't have to go into the actual store and suffer flashbacks ;-) I later learned that some of the Charlotte Russe stores carry Ariya Jeans as well.

If you don't have one of these stores nearby, but want to get a great fitting pair of jeans at an even better price, I highly suggest buying online. The sizes are consistent, relieving the stress out of buying without first trying on. If you get a pair for yourself, or if you already own a pair, I'd love to hear your opinion-just leave us a comment below. 

Lindsey Frankus3 Comments