Ramblings of The Farrier's Daughter

Do you ever have those moments where something strikes you as funny or odd and you just can't seem to shake the thought?

I don't know if Dairy Queen, best known for its hot eats and cool treats, is a nationwide chain, or if we North westerners are the only ones lucky enough to enjoy their scrumptious Blizzards, but when you order one of these amazing desserts, you get more than just a sweet mixture of ice cream and candy bars. What you get my friends is a very awkward moment.

Imagine this:
After ordering, waiting patiently while the saliva builds in anticipation, and handing over your hard earned cash, the worker slides open the window and reaches out with your Blizzard in hand. You anxiously reach to meet them in the middle when you notice they have stopped midway and are now turning your cold treat upside down right in front of your face! 

The first time this happened I just about screamed in fear that they were dropping my Georgia Mud Fudge on the ground like some evil trick. But they quickly turned the dessert with no lid, (spoon stuck smack dab in the top) right side up and handed it over with a smile on their face. Strange! What is even more strange is that there is never any verbal communication throughout the entire exchange. No explanation for what I call a very random act. 

I've decided over the years of ordering my favorite, Georgia Mud Fudge, that this awkward moment is likely because DQ prides themselves on on the freshness of their blizzards and that they do this to show that the ice cream has not melted. Nonetheless, it creates an uneasy feeling every. single. time.

I thought that this random thought needed a visual, so I have come up with my very own Ecard:

Can anyone out there relate?