A Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Ahhh, alas, it is over!
I have this problem where I say silly things like, 
"I'm not going to go all out or do anything fancy this time."

If you ever hear me say this, please know that it is a lie.
While I sometimes try not to put too much emphasis on parties and decorating, I have found that I simply cannot help it.

Our youngest daughter recently turned four years old, and requested a Lalaloopsy Birthday Party. While it may not have much to do with The Farrier's Daughter, it has a lot to do with family, which is very important to me, so I thought I'd share :-) 

The birthday girl requested a chocolate cake (following right in her Mama's footsteps).
So with the the aid of what I like to call a "Cake Coach", I proceeded to make my own.
I'm not much of a baker. 
I appreciate pretty baked goods, and I enjoy eating pastries, but I have never had the best luck with getting things to look pretty. Caving, cracking, burning...the list goes on. So this was a huge undertaking for me. 
But with the help of my Cake Coach (an extremely talented friend sending me links to websites, and written instructions), it turned out wonderfully!

 The finished product was a smooth finished, crusted butter cream icing over chocolate cake with a creamy peanut butter filling in between the layers! 

The paper toppers were made from scrap booking paper, buttons and paper straws, and the rest were Lalaloopsy figurines that the birthday girl could keep!

 The party was based around her favorite doll...
Crumbs Sugar Cookie.
So, of course, I had to make sugar cookies!
The original plan was to use Royal Icing to get that perfect finish on the cookies, but because I am a Royal Icing virgin, and because that stuff really doesn't have a pleasant taste, I decided to go with butter cream. Remember that crusting butter cream I mentioned earlier?
Same stuff!
Worked like a charm, and tasted good!

This is what Crumbs Sugar Cookie looks like.
Since my girls LOVE to dress up, part of her gift was a Crumbs Sugar Cookie outfit to wear.

Here is the Birthday Girl on the morning of her party.

And if you have two daughters, then you know that you can't make dress up for one and not the other. Big sister requested a dress that mimicked Jewels Sparkles.

 Not as close of a match, but it did the trick. 

Refreshments were served from my trusty Costco drink dispenser. If they ever get these in stock again (usually around the holidays), you have to buy one! Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
I use this one all of the time. 

Activities consisted of stringing brightly colored, beaded, necklaces, embroidery hoop ring toss, 

A real-life Lalaloopsy Bobble Head! 
I like to call her Lalalindsey!

Ok, so I'm joking.
It was just too tempting to not stand behind the giant pianta for a photo op!

Candy/Loot Bags were just craft bags that I ran through the Big Shot with a Chevron embossing folder. 
Want one for yourself?
You can get it by going here:

The Lalaloopsy Pinata was made using a big punching balloon for the base.
Luckily our oldest was a champion at paper mache, so I had a good helper.
After filling and attaching  the strings for hanging, I added hair, (using pink paper napkins rolled up), and painted on her face.
I have to admit that after all of the hard work that went into it, we were hesitant to let kids beat her with a bat!

Remember when I said that I can't help but decorate?
That, I was not lying about.
Knowing that the kids would want to do pony rides, I decided we should also decorate the horse!
So the morning of the party, the girls and I went out with our paint and fabric scraps and turned Polly into a Lalaloopsy inspired pony. 

Two very proud parents!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl~We Love You!