Rustic Spa Inspired Window Display for Salon Mecca

Last fall I started doing window displays for my good friends at Salon Mecca.
Their new beauty lounge is located on Court Street, downtown Salem, Oregon.
With lots of foot traffic, and two huge street facing windows, their location is prime for visual advertising.

The problems I face with this particular window are this:

1. Size. Did I mention it's HUGE?!?
2. Most businesses that have storefront windows work around the merchandise. It's more tricky than you think to come up with ideas that highlight services as opposed to products.

For this window display, the gals asked that I highlight their Esthetician, Sonja John, and the facial services that she offers.

Below is a photo of the finished product. To get a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, please keep reading :-)

Once a plan is devised (aka my brain goes crazy with ideas swirling around, thus keeping me from sleeping or thinking about anything else), I start gathering supplies. I try to keep the cost of supplies to a minimum, using things I already have or repurposing when possible. 

 The white Chinese paper lanterns shown above were actually left over from our wedding! 
I dipped the bases of them in silver paint then gave them a healthy dose of silver glitter.

I try to do as much of the work on the front end as possible so that tear down (of the previous window) and set up are as quick as possible. Once I arrive, I unload and the madness begins.

 Sometimes I can convey a message without the use of text, but for this one, I decided to try my hand at window painting!

It was January when I did this window, so I wanted it to have a natural, earthy, rustic feel to it.  
The salon offers a tasteful combination of elegant and rustic and I wanted to mimic that.
In all of the windows I strive to create something that is cohesive with the decor you will find inside.

I'm not going to lie to you, it is complete chaos until I'm finished!
I always have a plan going into it, but I've never certain it's going to work. There is a lot of improvising which can be nerve wracking!

For the faux massage table, I used a 6' folding table and sat it on 4 tree stumps that my hubby cut for me.
I then used our camping pads for the cushion and covered with white sheets and a vintage hobnail bedspread and topped it off with smooth black stones that I found at the Dollar Store.

Pallets standing on their sides and wood rounds offer a rustic vibe, allowing lots of white candles, fluffy rugs, and robes to stand out.

I had originally planned to stack the pallets two high, to create a full wall, but once I got there, I became deathly afraid that they might fall and take out the whole window! 
So a half wall it was, and I'm okay with that.

It sounds like Salon Mecca is going to be offering some new services and are looking for another Spa inspired window. 

Any Ideas?