Princess and the Pony: A Little Girl's Confidence

As promised before in Meet Polly, the story as to how Princess and the Pony got it's name:

It was a clear spring evening. And as the sun sank behind the tree tops, there was still plenty of light to fill the sky. As we walked through the field, the last of the chickens scampered into the coop to roost for the night. Polly raised her head at the first sound of us. She stood frozen, watching our every step. She knew what time it was. Just like every other night, it was time for Polly to go to bed.

To keep from foundering, she gets put in a paddock at the end of every day. I knew immediately, that catching her was going to be a chore this particular evening. Our oldest daughter, who is holding my right hand, says, “I’ll get her Mama” as I feel her release my grip. What she doesn't know, is that while she was in the middle of announcing her plan, our youngest, at the ripe age of 3 has already beat her to it.

Without a word, I realize that she too has left my hand empty and began moving toward the horse. I say nothing, but hold up an open palm to stop Raegen from proceeding. I can tell that Reese is on a mission. She walks with purpose, her long blonde hair bouncing around her shoulders, with her soft, silky, pink princess dress gathered in one hand in front of her as not to trip. It seems as though nearly all of the things I've said about approaching a horse have been lost on her. She doesn't walk slowly to keep from spooking, nor does she offer a hand. Instead, she marches right up to that pony with a mighty heavy force for a little girl in pink princess dress. It's almost as if she is angry with her. And as Polly jerks her head up, Reese does not back down. She continues, because this little girl is on a mission. She grabs hold of the halter and begins to walk Polly to her paddock. From where I stood, I witnessed an amazing sight that I hope to never forget. My strong little girl walking along side that pony, with a puffy pink dress flouncing about, tendrils blowing in the wind, and a sense of confidence that I pray she never loses.