It's a Sign...I should live in Texas

Last spring, my husband and I took the girls on a family vacation to Texas for my cousins wedding. 
While on this Southern adventure of ours, I fell in love with Texas. I loved the warmth and sunshine (something we only get for about 3 months of the year around here-if we're lucky). I loved the effort put into making things look pretty. Texans have a sense of pride that I found very admirable. Things like business signs weren't just plain-jane, looking like every other one on the street. They were clever, interesting, and eye-catching.
Soooo... I started taking pictures of them... to share with you...a year later :-) 

Some were very colorful:


Some were metal with a beautiful patina or rusty background:

Some were odd :

And some were just plain funny...I don't care who ya are!


It's not good food, it's DAMN GOOD FOOD

Am I the only one who still calls people Home Slice?
You know, when you are talking gangsta? No? Me either!

 Please tell me you see why the sign above is hilarious?
(look closely at the shape-I saw flipping the bird, some of you with your mind in the gutter may see something else!

I really wanted to visit the Magnolia Cafe just to ask if they were intentionally being funny, or if it were just some manufacturer's mistake that they just rolled with. 

 This one completely blew me away! I never found out what kind of establishment Mooseknuckle was, but I think it's safe to say that I am okay with the decision not to find out. But really, who names their pub, "Mooseknuckle"? I guess I should have checked to see if "Cameltoe" was next door!

Until next time,
Cheers from TFD