A taste of Ranch Life in Prairie City, Oregon

I'd say it's time to dust the cobwebs off of this blog and reconnect...what better way to do that than with a post full of good old fashioned {amateur} cowboy photography? 

Over Easter weekend, my husband (Nick) and I loaded up the girls and headed East, to Prairie City, Oregon. My sister-in-law (Rhiannon) had settled into this quaint little town while fighting forest fires, and a visit was in order. When we arrived Friday evening, we headed to the Oxbow for dinner where we ran into some of Rhiannon’s close friends, and were invited out to their ranch the following day for branding. I was ecstatic! I kept trying to play it off like, “oh the girls would love it!” And while I knew they would, I was secretly screaming, “Yessss, I am so excited, I can hardly wait!”

The following morning we attended an Easter Egg Hunt in the neighboring town of John Day, Oregon, but the true fun came just after the hunt. We went back to Rhiannon’s, changed clothes and headed to the Jacobs’ Ranch. Stepping out of the Suburban into the sun and dust, the sound of bellering cows filled the air. From where we stood, we couldn’t see a soul, but the sounds alone sent anticipation through my blood. The girls quickly pulled themselves up the nearest gate to get a better view, as I drew my camera to ready position for a view of my own.

As the day passed, we were greeted with nothing but kindness from the families involved. They took us in, and treated us like their own. The girls would bounce back and forth between front row seats of a calf being roped, medicated, banded and branded to pony rides, snacks, and playing in the dirt. Nick decided to give calf wrestling a whirl, and I sat back, and soaked in the sight of my family enjoying a day in the good life. Here’s a little peak into our day at the ranch…

Reese soaks up the action.

"Smells like popcorn Mama!"

 Goooo Nick!

 Sweet Mandy


 "I mustache you a question"
Yes, that is the tip of a calves ear that he is holding to his face!

"Mama, can we pleeeeease get a pony?" 

Hangin' with the boys....er, men. 

Snack time...because riding ponies is tough work.
Thanks Jenny!

Cowgirls in training...

Happy Trails!