Old Truck Lovin'

I want a truck. Not just any truck, an old school, chippy paint, roll the windows down by hand truck. This isn’t some whim that will be gone when I wake up in the morning. It’s a dream, a wish, a desire that runs deep in my soul. When driving down the road, a certain song will play, and I find myself daydreaming of how awesome it would be to be in the same spot, listening to the same song in an old truck. I see myself alongside my two girls, windows down, country music playing, hair blowing and lots of singing at the top of our lungs. I see cowboy boots dangling of out the passenger window, and mason jars with ice- cold, sweet tea in the cup holders. I see my sister and I out junking, loading the bed with treasures. I see my husband and I parked on an old dirt road, truck bed packed with blankets and pillows, and a vintage cooler with our favorite longnecks inside. I see us snuggled up watching the sunset.

Not only does this truck already have a future, it reminds me of the past. It has that old-truck smell. You know the one. The one that for me, evokes loads of memories. It takes me back to when my parents would load my brothers and I up and head out for a long, summer camping trip. It reminds me of the road trip that I got sick and threw up all over “Old Blue” (yep, we named our truck), and the many mornings I would ride to school with my older brothers and Willie, Waylon, or Merle playing via cassette tape.

I recently passed by an old truck on the side of the road when road tripping with my sister. Had I been with my husband, it’s almost guaranteed that we would have kept driving, but I had my sister! She knows about my mad obsession, and probably knew before I even said a word that we would be making a brief stop. To look at trucks online is one thing, but to actually be standing in front of your dream is another. We did what any two normal gals would do, and took pictures with it. I mean, hey, a girl can dream right?!?! What’s even better is that it was unlocked…in we went…pictures inside too! Now I can literally taste smell it!

I don’t think that kind old man ever sold the truck. I see he has moved it from the road, to behind his business. Every time I pass it with my hubby, I spy it back there, and tease him that the old-timer is saving it for me!

 As a new year begins, and goals are made…one of mine just might have to be investing in a memory-maker, an old truck.