Whiskey Wednesday~Dirty Cowgirl

If you made it through the holiday weekend, crazy family dinners, and Black Friday shopping, then you are sure to be ready for this week's Whiskey Wednesday.

This one comes in shot form, so be sure and have a chaser ready if you are used to sipping.

Dirty Cowgirl
Butterscotch schnapps  
Pendleton Whiskey
Fill your shot with glass 75% butterscotch schnapps.
Top off the remaining 25% with Pendleton Whiskey. 
Bottoms Up!

A lot of the recipes out there call for Irish cream in place of the Pendleton Whiskey, but lets face it, nothin' says cowgirl like Pendleton Whiskey!

This one starts warming you up as it goes down, so be prepared.
And please, please drink responsibly :-)