It's Derby Day

Howdy Ya'll!
I'm back from the wonderful state of Texas, and while I wish I were in Kentucky to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports in person, I am going to suffice for a date with NBC and a homemade cocktail.

Just in case you too would like to enjoy the official drink of the Kentucky Derby
I am sharing a how-to video for the  famous Mint Julep.

Bottoms Up!

As I had mentioned in this previous post, I'm laying my money down on I'll Have Another!
If you want to check out the contestants in today's big race, you can head on over to the Official Kentucky Derby Horses page.

On another super cool note...
The TFD Signature Cowgirl Canteen was on TV! 
Yes, real, live, Television!
You can watch the Kings of Swag as they show off this year's 
Celebrity Gift Bag by clicking on the link below:

I know it's a baby step, 
but it's enough to make me smile!

Enjoy the Race.
from The Farrier's Daughter