Minnetonka Boots Review

You might remember this post, where I mentioned the Minnetonka fringe boots...
Ok, so I actually made it public that they were on my Christmas list.
Any who, my MIL took me up on my hint-dropping and guess what I got?
That's right, she got me the gray Minnetonkas!
Thanks Nona!
Now that I've had some time to wear them, I wanted to give a quick review...you know, in case you were thinking about telling the world you wanted them on your blog ;-) 

Let's start with the Pros:
Absolutely Adorable.
Great shade of Gray.
Super Comfy.

And now for the Cons:
The shaft is itty bitty! 
As you can see, I am what I like to call a, "healthy" girl.
I have never had chicken legs, and I am most certain that I never will. 
Falling instantly in love with the boots, I thought, 
"No worries, I'll just get a half size bigger."
Minnetonka boots don't come in half sizes.
I was, however, determined to keep the boots, I have just been slowly stretching them out as I wear them. 
Because they are so tight on my calf, I am limited to wearing leggings with them, but they are so cute, that it's okay with me.

Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for

Top: TJ Maxx
Batwing Sweater: Ebay
Mini Skirt to cover my (caboose): Made by Me
Leggings: Ross
Minnetonka Boots: Nordstrom
Cuff Bracelet with Bling: Local Boutique (also from my MIL-she's a good gifter!)