Kentucky Derby

Years ago, when I decided I wanted to start my own business, I reached out to a local gal who seemed successful in the arena of vintage home decor. Having a mentor is something that all of the websites, books and blog suggested. Unfortunately, my experience was a very negative one. 


Fast forward to this past week, when I mustered up the courage to reach out once again. I sent an email to another woman-owned business who has had a lot of success with advertising lately. 
This business is run by a mother-daughter duo that makes some Wonderful jewelry...they go by the name of Horsefeathers.
Upon receiving my email, Chelsea quickly responded with a southern belle kindness, and a slew of helpful information!
One of Chelsea's suggestions was that I look into participating in the Kentucky Derby Celebrity Gift Bag.


Thank You Chelsea!
I took your advice, and as a result,

Celebrities attending the Kentucky Derby will now be receiving Cowgirl Canteens™ in their bag of treats!

Last year, Miss Miranda Lambert (who I adore) was in attendance with some of her best friends for her
Bachelorette Party! 

What a great idea!

This year, in honor of my big news, the hubby and I will be hosting a Derby Party of our own!

And one of these days, maybe I will be lucky enough to attend the Kentucky Derby myself.
I mean, it's really a perfect fit...
Horses & Fashion
Sign me Up!

In honor of our Kentucky Derby Party,
I will be making my own Derby Hat, and asking guests to do the same.

As for the race...
The Farrier's Daughter not so Expert Pick
for the race well known as 
The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports...
I'll Have Another and his jockey, Mario Gutierrez