Easter Gift Ideas for your Wife

My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years now.
In those 10 years, I have found that he sometimes needs a little assistance in the gifting department.
(Sorry babe, just a little observation.)

So, for all of you men out there who are asking,
What do I get my wife for Easter?

Let The Farrier's Daughter help you out this spring, 
and hook her up with a new Cowgirl Canteen!

What is Cowgirl Canteen you ask?

It is an adorable 8oz stainless hip flask that comes with a removable fabric cover.
There are many styles to choose from in my shop, and you still have time to order one before Easter!
Just head on over to my online store...

When would she actually use this (it's gotta be practical right guys)?
Ladies night out, Soccer games, Concerts, Rodeos, Bunko, the possibilities are endless!

Ok, now for the funny part...

Let me start by saying
No animals were harmed in this photo shoot!

This is what happens when you use live (unpredictable) animals in a photo shoot.

Meet Fran the Frizzle Cochin chick.
If you look close you will see more than lots of color, a cute chick, and a super cute flask....
Yes, Fran had a little accident while at work.

I hope that you too can find the humor in this...
I just can't get over how Fran is like, 
"What did I do?"

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more hilarious...
She looks over her shoulder and says,
"Did I do that?"

Hope you got a good laugh out of this!
And hope you have a Wonderful Easter!