Color Board~Living Room Inspiration

If you remember my Living Room from this post, then you know that upon moving into our 3-year-long remodel/rebuild, I was drained of all energy, and just plopped furniture (finished or not) into place.

I have slowly been trying to tackle one room at a time...decorating, finishing projects, and beautifying.
I will admit that my Living Room has me stumped....which is odd for me, because I almost always have a vision for how things, "will be someday".

Trying to decorate on a tight budget, and use what you have introduces new challenges to the design process.
In my space, I have one piece of furniture that is limited to change (for me, an antique sofa).
I suggest removing all "questionable" elements from the room. In my case, I am only leaving the sofa behind...everything else is fair game to either change or eliminate from the room. 

Once you have a blank slate, I suggest coming up with a color pallet.
Not sure how?
Here is what I do....
Find something I love. I like to scroll the isles of scrapbooking paper at Craft Warehouse. I also like to use fabric, but the possibilities are endless!

Once I have decided on the perfect inspiration piece, I scan it into my computer, open the file in Photoshop, and start extracting color with the eyedropper tool.

Hopefully my space will be finished soon and I can share pictures.
Here's a little hint of what is to come...that's my color board above!