Quick & Easy, Homemade Valentine's

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, 
I was super excited to have a good friend of mine share this idea with me! 

Being a confessed procrastinator (such an ugly little word), 
I am all for quick and easy...add cute to the mix, and I'm all in!

This super cute Valentine took all of a couple of minutes and a few dollars to create. 
Just write your message on a chalkboard, sign your child's name, sit them down, and snap a shot!

I am a huge fan of Costco's Photo Center,
so it was as easy as uploading the photo, and picking them up at our local store. 
My friend had already done her research and found that Costco also offered great prices...
only $0.39 for a sheet of 4 wallets!

Grab a bag of heart shaped Valentine's Day suckers at the Dollar Tree, hole punch the picture, and tie to the sucker for an adorable Valentine.