Paper Towel Holder Tutorial

Ever since we moved into the Classy Coop
I have been wanting/needing a proper place to put the roll of  paper towels.
Just seems so college-years to leave it sitting on the counter, and I refuse to buy a generic looking one from the store, soooo....
I made one!

It was super simple, and I actually took some pics so that I can share a tutorial with you! 
Here is the finished product:

Supplies Needed:

1. A round of wood (between 6"-9" and at least 3/4" thick).
2. One 1/2" floor flange (found in the plumbing department at hardware store).
3. 4 wood screws 3/4" in length
4. 12" piece of (threaded) galvanized pipe (also found in plumbing dept at the hardware store-some already come in pre-cut lengths, if not, just ask and they will cut it for you).
5. A glass door knob (preferably on the original post)
6. Spray paint for the base (I used the hammered finish & the metallic silver finish)
7. Not Pictured-a drill or screw driver for the wood screws.

Step One:
Paint your wooden round. I had some hammered and metallic spray paint left over from another project so I first sprayed the hammered finish for some texture, then quickly misted over the top with the metallic finish. You could use any color you wish for this step, I just like the way it matches up with the galvanized pipe :-)

Step Two:
Align the center of the floor flange with the center of the wooden round. I got lucky in that my round already had a pre-drilled hole in the center! Yay! If you don't have that, just measure and mark a dot with a sharpie. Once you have found the center, line up the middle of the flange and attach using the 3/4" wood screws.

Step Three:
Screw the 12" flange into the floor flange.

Step Four:
Slide the metal post on the glass knob into the pipe!
Now, if you can't find a door knob that still has the metal post still intact, don't worry...
You can still do it, just takes a little more work (See Below).

Take your knob to the hardware store and find a wooden dowel that fits snugly into the opening on the underside of the knob. Take it home, put a dab of wood glue on the end and slide it into the knob. If you want to make it really secure, there is a small hole in the side of the old knobs that you can drill through into the dowel.

Step Five:
Place your roll of paper towels in it's new holder and admire your handy work!
The best part, is that the knob slides easily off and on for easy changing.

This is my first tutorial, so feel free to ask if you have any questions...
or let me know if I forgot something :-) 

PS-I'm linking up with Kim at Today's Creative Blog