A Subtle Reminder~Artwork by Katie Daisy

I recently got a package in the mail.
A fun package. 
Not bills or junk mail, but a beautiful package.
We all know that I am in love with Katie Daisy's work. 

It is bright, cheerful, and full of life!
Did you know that she moved to Oregon?
Yes maam she did!

So before Christmas, I emailed her and asked if she would be adding an Oregon piece to her Wanderlust
line. She responded and said that she would be working on it after the busy holiday season....
and she did!
And I bought it!
And I love it!

It came packaged oh-so-pretty with a little card that read, "You are so loved".
It was even taped in place with some super cute red & white gingham tape!

I had the perfect frame on hand that I think compliments the piece perfectly!
For now, it sits in our entry, by the front door.
During these days of mass flooding, it lends a subtle (and much needed) reminder...
I do love Oregon.

More of Katie's work can be found at her Etsy shop