Old Friends, New Spaces

Years ago (I'm talking High School), a good friend of mine (whose mother was a hair dresser) and I decided it was a good idea to try and dye my hair. We went to the grocery store, picked out a dark shade of brown (or maybe it was black), and a reddish/purple color, then went home to color ruin my hair. What is funny is that she later went on to go to beauty school! Not only did she go to beauty school, she rocked it! 

She and her extremely sweet business partner have spent the last 10 years building trusting relationships with their clients, educating themselves in the hottest styles and techniques and making women feel beautiful.

After patiently waiting for a better salon location, they have found a new place and are preparing for their move. They have asked me to do some work for them, and I wanted to share a couple of photos I snapped on my phone.

The reception desk is faced with rustic barn board, and topped with slab of dark, sleek, walnut.
Just above the desk is a gorgeous crystal chandelier.

The salon's front door is nestled between two, large, street-view windows.
Guest seating will occupy one of the window niches, and the other will be used for advertising (this is where I come in).

Shades of grey, black and white give a very edgy, and classy feel. 

Beautiful crystal accents lend a hint of glamour. 

And these custom built shelves bring in a bit of an industrial element.
Do they look familiar?
They are much like the one I built for our home office.
For these, I opted to use new lumber 
(we didn't want the ridges in the barn board to keep their product from standing up nicely).
I used knotty pine (because I was able to get some for free) and finished it with a glossy black stain by Minwax.
These shelves are also a bit deeper. In order to get the depth needed, I used two 1x8's and strapped them together using strips of metal.

Stay tuned for more projects.