InstaFriday~Wedding Flasks, Feather Chandeliers, and a Metalic Dresser

I'm working backwards this week. Why?...that's just how we roll.

On Sunday, we attended a beautiful wedding for one of my husbands co-workers.
The ceremony was at the most magical little church.
As we sat waiting for the bride to make her grand appearance,
we peered out past the crystal chandeliers that dangled above, through the arched windows, at the most beautiful snowfall.

A gift for the bride and groom! 
Blushing Bride Cowgirl Canteen™ and Mr. Right Cowgirl Canteen™
(more can be found in the shop)

They agreed to do some photos for me, and I am super excited to share them! 

Saturday, I delivered a few items to the ladies at Salon Mecca.
I am super excited about how the feather chandeliers turned out. They were inspired by this one.
However, I think ours were MUCH cheaper cost effective :-) 

Do you see that stunning piece of furniture behind me?
I. am. in. love.
The ladies are incorporating a lot of metallic finishes into their new space, so when they asked me to come up with another shelving/display piece for the front room, I decided to follow suite.

After building and installing the shelves above, we decided that more shelves would be overkill. 
A piece of furniture was needed for the short wall. 
I happened to have a piece that was waiting for a makeover that worked out perfectly!

This little cabinet had been sitting in storage, and as you can see, was pretty gross.
I wiped it down, cleaned it up, and removed all doors, drawers, and hardware.
Next, I gave it a quick once over with some nearly empty gray and black spray cans I had laying around. I was okay with it being splotchy, as I wanted the finished product to have an aged, metallic look.
I then added a light coat of Rust-O-Leum Hammered finish spray paint, and followed that with Valspar's Brilliant Metal. Once I was pleased with the coverage, I went back over the piece with light mists of the hammered finish. To get the smudgy look, I would spay the metallic finish then quickly go over the wet spots with a rag.

For the top, I cut and attached old fence boards to tie in the barn board on their reception desk.    
Hardware is off of an old vintage dresser that I picked up at an estate sale solely for the purpose of removing and reusing the gorgeous distressed silver pulls.

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