Insta Friday

What a wonderfully busy week!
It started out with my husband waking me up and saying,
"Let's go to the beach!"
If you live in the Northwest, you know that a day at the beach is like rolling the dice...
you just never know what you are going to get....especially in January.
But we got LUCKY!
A perfect day of family, sunshine, and good eats at the Pelican Pub
(a personal favorite).

The girls actually got along, the dogs ran and played, and everyone had a great time.

Later in the week...a little shopping...for me.
I know, I know, these shoes are not part of my normal mom attire,
but we have a wedding to addend this weekend, and this mama needs new shoes!

And then...a little more shopping...for clients!
I'ts really much more fun spending other peoples money-no guilt!
Stay tuned for some before and after pics of the Salon Mecca Project.

Since the stores aren't open at midnight,
I thought I better do some work at home while the littles sleep and the hubby works late.
On the list this week, feather light fixtures and baby quilt!
I am sooooo excited to share more pics of these lights...I am in loooove with them!
Now I just need to decide where to put one in my house.

To sum it up, it was a colorful week.
Lots of smiles, laughter, bead organizing, and 5 year olds getting a hold of my phone's camera (apparently). The toy was one of those things that grows in water that I got for the girls in the dollar section at Joanns...didn't know the pic was there until it popped up when I went to do this post...
hmmmm, I best keep an eye on my little photographer!

Hope you too had a colorful week!
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