Is it over? Can I look up?
You see, Christmas for the Frankus Family is a bit of a whirlwind tour every year.
We have A LOT of family to visit or host and just finished up with our last official Christmas gathering. 
While I love Christmas, and I love our's hard!

Hard on me, hard on Nick and hard on the girls.
Sounds like every kids dreams right? Multiple parties, dinners, presents, and people...
Our girls do love every minute of it, but what they don't realize is that amidst all of the festivities their little bodies are drained from all if the over stimulation. 

See Raegen (on the right in the photo above), sleepy little girl...on the road...again.
Reese (on left in the photo above), got a new bike, and helmet for Christmas.
It is one of those balance bikes that doesn't have peddles. So she has been scooting all over the house.

Puppy Update
He is getting big...very big.
He loves the girls and likes to go everywhere we do.

Meet Baby-with-the-Flute (we'll call her bwtf).
During a family work day with my siblings, we came across this wooden figurine. 
We were all a bit delirious, as we were tired, overwhelmed, and grieving the loss of a family member.
While cleaning the estate, if anyone found anything they thought someone may want to have they would hold it up and ask if there were any takers.
At one point, bwtf was held up as a joke and the question asked, "Does anyone want this creepy little wooden doll with a flute?" (yes, I know, it's not actually a flute...probably more like a recorder, but that's what she's called)
We all laughed a much needed laugh and went on about our cleaning.
The best part is that it didn't end there. Bwtf continues to pop up everywhere! 
We secretively pass her off on each other, and it's become a fun little game between the four of us.
She went to IKEA with the girls and I one day, and I'm pretty sure she loved it!

Santa is not the only one checking things off of his list...
I have been switching some things up in our house that I've been wanting to do for a long time.
Blank hallway wall finally has frames and I just need to get them all painted!
I'm thinking all white. High gloss white. Not 100% though.

Swapped out the pendant lights above the breakfast bar with something a little more interesting.
These are old rusty craw fish traps and I love the way they cast a subtle grid pattern on the ceiling. More photos of our 100+ year old house remodel can be found here.

I added some super cute vinyl wall decals to a wall in the nursery. They are perfect for the room and I am soooo pleased! I will post more pics of the room in a future Classy Coop post.

The pantry was in dire need of a cleaning so I pulled everything out. Got rid of a bunch of stuff and painted. I then started to stencil the idea found here.
Quickly realized that the project was going to take for-ev-er, and that I couldn't have my kitchen and dining room overtaken with pantry items until I finished. Soooo, I painted the stencil on one shelf, then put everything back in nice and neat. Now when I get time *chuckle*, I can take the contents off of one shelf, stencil it, then put it back without disrupting two other rooms.

I received a package from Serendipity, one of the stores that carries my Cowgirl Canteens this week.
It was in the most adorable envelope, and I just had to share. I think something like this would be perfect for mailing my flasks.

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