Lindsey's Leather Lovin' & a Birthday

I have a thing for leather.
It's timeless, smells good, natural, durable and timeless...
What's not to love?

I recently found out about Emily Rosendahl.
She has a beautiful line of leather goods that make me drool!

 If only I had known about her when I was still lugging a diaper bag around, I would have definitely sported the one shown above. It's so cute, that I've even played with the idea of having another baby so that I have an excuse to buy it!
Check her out online: 

The pouch above is by Lovejoycreations
Not only is it attractive with it's antiqued leather and turquoise accents, it is a steal at only $24!

Another etsy find is by Moxie & Oliver.
This seller has a ton of super cute leather goods.

These leather cuffs are by Lipstick Gypsy and they are wonderful!
I had the pleasure of meeting Robin at The Farm Chicks show last year, and she is the kindest woman around. You've got to check out her etsy shop!

This very special birthday morning has gotten off to a wonderful start (I'm choosing to ignore the fact that as I type this, my oldest daughter spilled milk on the carpet in the bonus room). I am also looking past the fact that even though I am not a morning person, and woke up to my youngest yelling from her crib, at the top of her lungs, "Mama, Mama, I go potty!"
What I did get, was to snuggle my baby in bed for few minutes of pure bliss.
I then got to reheat a cup of yesterday's coffee (yes, fresh is best, but I'm being positive here) and savor a bite of chocolate fudge. Mmmmm!

Birthdays are special to me.
I believe they should be celebrated.
After all, we never know just how many we will get.
I'm thankful for mine, and all of the people who celebrate it with me.
Some people dread a Birthday, see it as a reminder of getting older...
That blows my mind!
Come on folks, if we aren't getting older, we are dead, and being dead is much less fun!

Today I am 31 years young, and will claim every single one of those years with pride. 
Each one has been part of the recipe that  has made me who I am today. 

I am...

a strong woman.
a proud mother.
happily married.
family oriented.
a lover of the past.
excited about the future.
a private person.
addicted to coffee.
a fabric hoarder.
vertically challenged.
a farm girl.
family oriented.
a dreamer.
Lindsey Brooke Frankus.

Ok, so I probably missed some descriptive words, but these are the first ones that came to mind. 
Wishing everyone a Happy Wednesday!