Versatile Blogger Award-Yeehaw!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Blogland?
It's like it's own little world where you can easily find and connect with people of like interests.
Just recently, I met (always feel weird saying met, when it's not in person) Shannon from Espee Trading Co.
She is super sweet, and awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award!

Not only does Shannon love to sew, she loves a farrier!
See, even though you may have never heard the word...
They Exist!
As a funny little side note, I will share with you that I am also a the farrier's sister.
Noooooo, my mother did not reproduce with my brother, also making him my dad...that would be sick, and wrong on soooo many levels. 

I am one of four children, and one of my brothers went to school to become a farrier and now does it as a side job. Whenever I ask him to weld something for me, he teases that he will not help in any way until I rename my business....

The Farrier's Sister

It doesn't have quite the same ring to it, nor does it play off of the farmer's daughter...which is where my real business name came from. Well, that and the fact that my Dad is a farrier.
You can read some of his guest posts here and here.

Ok, so now for the fun part. 
As part of the award, I am supposed to share 7 things about myself. 

1.)  I'm a list maker. The funny thing is that I rarely look at the lists I make once I have finished them. When my husband teases me about it, I remind him that it is the act of making the list that helps me remember and organize my thoughts :-) 

2.)  I am married to a Police Officer, SWAT team member, wonderful father, supportive husband, extremely handsome, highly intelligent man who I am VERY proud of....did I mention he is not too bad on the eyes?!?! 

3.)  As a young girl, I had a cow for a best friend. I bottle raised him from the time he was just a calf. One time, I brought him inside my parents' day-light was just the once, because my mom caught me (which is actually a story I will need to share someday).

4.)  My husband and I remodeled rebuilt a 100 year old farmhouse. It was 103 when we finally moved in. You can see read more about it here.

5.)  I have a fear of driving on bridges over water. No joke, my heart pounds, and if I don't remind myself to breathe, I catch myself holding my breath.

6.)  In high school, I broke and held the girls bench press record.

7.) I have been a procrastinator since at least the third grade. It was then that my teacher told me so. After he let me in on this revelation, he asked me if I knew what that meant...I didn't at the time. Unfortunately, he was right. Thanks Mr. Graham!

The next part of the Award is to Pass it On!

A beautiful woman, making beautiful jewelry!

Laura Blair is an amaaaazing photographer, cowgirl and mama!

I have been lucky enough to meet Teresa in person, and she is a gem! 
(she too has a farrier in the family)

Tiffany is another cowgirl that I am happy to have met in person. 
She too is a fabulous photographer with kindness that exudes her.

Joy is one of those gals whose name fits her to a T!
She is a joy to be around, and has been making some must-have jewelry.

Miss Christy Donoho is a great example of the friendships that can be made via blogging.
Though miles apart, we have formed a friendship that is very special to me.
Christy is in the Junkin' business, and puts on barn sales with a colorful twist that is sooo refreshing!

Kimberly Taylor (you may recognize her as Mimi Charmante), has a blog full of eye candy, thanks to her superb photography! The best part is that she is just as sweet as all of that eye candy!

A note to the award recipients:  Pick up the award graphic and place it in your post.  
Pass it on to 15 more bloggers(make sure to go tell them) and tell us 7 things about yourself!