The Tutu Shoppe

After a year of brainstorming and preparing for my Children's Charity,
Toadally Tutus is beginning to come together!

We just completed our first ever Tutu Clinic in our little town of Molalla and I wanted to share the setup with you.

The idea is that all of the participants get to choose their own colors of tulle, and then we teach them (along with their mamas) how to make one for themselves.

For every tutu we sell (or that is purchased and made at a clinic), we donate one to a child in the hospital at Christmas.

I'm currently calling it, The Tutu Shoppe and trying to give it the feel of an old time candy shoppe.
Instead of candy in jars, I have the tulle choices! 

The framework for the awning is made of 1/2 pvc pipe and held together with pvc fittings. I then drilled holes in 2x4's to sink the base of the legs into. It sits atop a 6' folding table that has two table cloths on it. I'm loving the combination of satin and unexpected!

I'm not so happy however with the color combos.
It's what I had on hand, so it will do for now.

If you are interested in purchasing a tutu to support our cause, please check out my shop, or email for a specific color.