Art Party-Birthday in Bend

We recently took a road trip over the mountain for my niece's 
          5th Birthday Party!    

It was an Art themed party, and my sister-in-law pulled off another amazing event.
I snapped a few photos of the day to share with all of you...

I know how we all like some eye candy and good ideas :-)  

Happy Birthday Miss Gracie!
Cake: In the shape of a paint pallet with dollops of colored icing to look like paint.

 My Father, The Farrier (guest posts here and here), was in attendance.
Being a bit of an artist himself, he was like a kid in a candy shoppe!
No, a small child didn't attach the pom poms to his boots...
He Did!

Everything was super cute and "themefide" (I think I just made up that word-just roll with it).

 Snacks were all part of the theme too.
The Rice Crispy paint brushes seamed to be a big hit with the kiddos.
(Rice crispies and a stick, dipped in colored frosting-so smart)

 A colorful balloon wreath was made by the proud mama and hung above the food table.
There are a ton of online tutorials out there, but this one seems to be very popular.

The venue was a place located just across from the Old Mill District.

The Art Station was the perfect place for this party.
They supplied everything a kid could dream of for getting their craft on.
Stations were set up for the kids to try a variety of things.

Birthday Crowns were at one of the stations.
 This is my youngest sporting her new sign of royalty!

 As a mother of two party goers, I was pleased to see the row of smocks!

Blank rainbow shapes were waiting at the tables for the kids to paint.
This is my oldest standing under her masterpiece...
Does this make her a leprechaun?
(unfortunately, she is going to be vertically challenged like her mama,
I probably shouldn't make jokes!)
Debbie (sis-in-law), made these yarn pom garlands that also hung above the food table.

Can never resist a picture of fresh cut flowers...
It's a condition :-)

Swimming Pool Art!
I had never seen this done before, but it's super simple, and the kids Loved it!

1. Place big sheet of paper in the bottom of a small pool.
2. Squirt globs of paint in a few piles on the paper.
3. Drop in a handful of old golf balls.
4. Allow eager kids to grab the sides of the pool.
5. Gently roll the balls around.
6. Admire some funky, abstract art!

Gracie and Debbie at the food table.
Another cute idea:
Splatter paint on a white table cloth!
Colorful Fruit Kabobs drizzled with white chocolate!

Messy hands? No problem!

Concentration? Lots of it.

A whole group of budding artists? You bet.

Rainbows hanging out to dry.

They all had a blast....
And it was written all over their faces!

 Happy Birthday Gracie D,
We Love You!

Great Job Debbie!