Balancing Act

Between motherhood, trying to run my little business, and the charity,
I have been say the least!

Are there any other mamas out there who wonder where the idea of a "lazy" SAHM came from?
Soap Operas and Bon Bons?
Yeah Right.

While the to-do list grows longer, I find myself gravitating to the charity...could also be because the end of the year is upon us, and I haven't given it the attention it deserves.

 Sooo, I am coordinating two Tutu Workshops before Christmas!

It's amazing how motivated I am when I am passionate about something! I have been dreaming about tulle and decorations to make these Clinics special for our little guests and their mamas!

Interested in learning more?
Check us out at Toadally Tutus

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this...
I am currently working on a ginormous amount of Cowgirl Canteens to be sent out for the launch of a new online flasking company!

The Company is currently hosting a contest, so if you like to write...
head on over and check it out!