This week I decided to link up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy, for "What I Wore Wednesday".
As a stay-at-home mom, who also works from home, I tend to gravitate to the PJ know what I mean, hair in a pony, and super comfy pajamas, alllllll daaaaay looong (or until just before my hubby gets home). Laugh if you must, but it really is amazing.
However, with our oldest entering Kindergarten I am required to actually get out of the car to drop her off, and then walk her across the street, and into the classroom. Now, you may think that at age 5, kids don't notice what's appropriate.....wrong!
My little fashionista has taken note of everything I've said along the way. She is no dummy, and wouldn't be caught dead with a Mama in PJ's in public. Which is good because I would actually never do it. So now, every school day I too get dressed (and then take advantage of only having one in tow, and run my errands).
Because I am new to this (my first WIWW), I only have one day to share.
Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Claires
(again, no laughing-Raegen wanted Mother/Daughter necklaces so she could wear it to school)
Shorts: GAP
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Brand Spankin' New Tattoo: That Tattoo Shop
Yes, it's real!
I did it!
If you look close, you can see that the heart is made up of two back-to-back R's, for our girls, Raegen and Reese.
In honor of the new tattoo, I have a new flask (sorry for the crummy photo)!
How much more Farrier's Daughter could this get? Turquoise...check, horseshoes...check, a little bit country...check, a little rock n' roll...check, some ruffles for a girlie touch...check!
Happy Wednesday!