Sweat Shop Friday

So far, most of the day has been spent in the sweat shop....errr, studio! 

One by one, I busted out over 100 blanks for what will become Cowgirl Canteens™.
Meanwhile, my kids/ragamuffins either watch TV, make beautiful art for me, and sometimes...
decorate small tables for tea parties!

She may be only 5, but I think she's onto something!
Nonetheless, she definitely has her own style!

This is my main work table.
I recently splurged...I mean, invested in this awesome new cutting mat that covers the entire table top!
This table sets in the middle of my craft room.
It is where I cut and play with fabric and trims.

Looks like I'm going to need to add a Beware of Dog sign to the door.

 Meet Lexi, she is a ginormous rotty that doubles as a body guard for us Frankus girls!
While she sheds a little...ok, A LOT, has a goopy eye, bum back leg, and broken tooth...she is part of our family and we love her!
She likes to sit outside the door and watch over us while we work and play in the studio.

 A view from my seat..fabric, scissors, trim, and don't forget my addiction...

On days like today, I like to be comfortable and productive.
That's right, no time for showers, or big people clothes...
on sweat shop Friday, we mean business!

Slippers, and PJ pants...that's just how we roll.
(which is also why I hate it when people show up at my door unexpectedly and look at me like, "why aren't you dressed yet lady?")

The work horses.
A brother sewing machine that my wonderful hubby purchased for me years ago,
and a Janome serger.

See the beautiful artwork above my sewing machine?
It's a one-of-a-kind piece by Raegen Frankus age 5.
It makes me smile :-)
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