Fall Fashion...Cowgirls and Indians

Fall is in the air, and while I have been fighting off the reality (summer just got started here in the NW), I really am happy. Fall is hands down, my favorite season!

The mornings are cool and crisp, the sun is shining, and there is a smell in the air that is indescribable.
This time of year, my oven returns as the most used form of cooking and the bbq gets covered for the winter. Baked goods, homemade chili, and soul food are abundant.

My closet also welcomes the change of seasons.
Time to put away the summer clothes and dive into sweaters, boots, and jeans!
Ahhh, cozy clothes, that not only keep me warm, but cover cellulite as well.

I am loving the style this year...here are some of my personal faves:

It is everywhere, and looks good on so many things.
It's playful and relaxed and I love the earthy feeling of all of the leather and suade.

Since I no longer have them in my hair, I have to incorporate them in other ways.
I found a belt similar to this one at Ross Dress For Less for $7.99 that I will be purchasing if I can find it in a size smaller than 1x!

This gal has it figured out.
Feminine, stylish, aaaaaand comfortable!

I am a sucker for coats.
After shopping with my Mom yesterday, I learned that I got this obsession from her.
I have been drooling over this one from Anthro. The ruffles seal the deal.
However, the Anthro price is a little much...found a great mustard colored toggle at Forever 21 that might find a new home with me!

 Another great fashion statement.
A girl's gotta wear socks with her boots, so why not make 'em pretty and show 'em off?
Love that gals aren't limiting themselves to skirts, but doing over the pants as well.

Rosettes, Riding boots, and Tall socks!

 Check out this adorable girl...
Love how her tall socks are lacy and tie in with her top!
 This dress is my idea of perfection.
Some fun jewelry, boots, and a cute denim jacket....yes please!

These Minnetonka Boots are on my wish list this year.
I already knew I liked them, then I found them in grey, and it was all over.

Seems like anything that resembles those braided rugs is also in right now. At first I was a little hesitant, but I'm warming up to the idea.

Lastly, I just found this cowgirl the other day, and fell in love!
She has a business called The Rusty Rose, where she sells clothes and jewelry to the fashionable country girl.
It's fun, and classy all at the same time!

The picture above is from her facebook page.
Look close at her bootlegs...
Yes, those are fur leg muffs!
Add those to my list of fall must haves.

I am so happy that this years style incorporates the rugged, and earthy elements that tie in well with a cowgirls wardrobe.

Feathers, fringe, boots, leather, colorful woven fabrics that scream Pendleton blankets...
I like to refer to the 2011 Fall Fashion as

Cowgirls and Indians