Molly Mo's Sneak Peek

Molly Mo's is less than a week away and this Farrier's Daughter has kicked it into high gear getting ready to present the Petticoat Saloon!
What was supposed to be a low key, simple, half-booth to highlight my Cowgirl Canteens has turned into my outlet for selling off all of the treasures that I've been storing at my parents barn.
Two full days in the sun were spent sanding, painting and scraping.
I hope there are some college girls in need of some apartment decor, because I have painted everything in black, red, and pink...and the best part, prices will reflect the fact that I need to get rid of this stuff!
I've got dressers, table & chair sets (that would also make a super cute Bunko Table), beds, chandeliers, pillows, jewelry, and yes...Cowgirl Canteens.
What girl doesn't need a super cute, girlie flask???

Look for the pink bar at Molly Mo's this weekend.
We'll be serving up some of Mom's Sweet Tea in souvenier Mason Jars!