Happy Sunday!
There is something about Sunday mornings that makes me happy.
I enjoy a slow morning with a hot cup of coffee and Legends and Outlaws playing on the radio.
One of my favorite songs is, "That's what I love about Sundays" by Craig Morgan...
(I even had it on my labor playlist while in the hospital delivering our second baby).
Any who, while folding laundry this beautiful Sunday morning, our oldest decided to "throw me a party "! A girl after her mama's heart. She decorated my bedroom, got all dressed up, and sang me happy birthday (even though my birthday is not actually until December).
It was the sweetest thing ever, we had hair bows on hand towels (in the master bath).
Barbie scarves tied to knobs.
Cinderella books with pretty jewelry around the base.
Rosette pins on the curtains.
And butterfly clips too.
Little gems and colorful rocks were scattered about.
Necklaces carefully draped over the TP dispenser.
We are off to a good start around here!
Hope you enjoy your Sunday.