What Happens at Farm Chicks....Stays at Farm Chicks

My friend Danielle and I have been dreaming of attending Farm Chicks for years now; and finally, we made it!

And like the sign says, we had FUN!

Not only was the show a first for both of us, it was my first weekend away from my girls....yes, your math is correct, I have not taken more than a night away from them since Raegen was born...5 years ago!

I was nervous, but it was a much-needed trip for me.

We took the advice of so many and ate our 1st dinner out at Chaps.
It was delicious, and the decor was nothing short of perfect for the Farm Chicks crowd.

We planned ahead and upon arriving in Spokane, went directly to the event location where we purchased our tickets for the next morning. This proved to be one of the best decisions ever!
Opening morning of the show, we arrived and walked right past the extremely long lines of people standing in the hot sun waiting to get in...

Once inside, I felt as if I had entered a vintage wonderland.

Great antique and vintage items displayed to entice the swarms of shoppers that hovered over booths like bees ready to enter their hive.

From handmade, to found treasures, and homemade specialty chocolates...

this place had it all!

I tried to snap some quick shots of things that jumped out at me as we walked from booth to booth, but to be perfectly honest, I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly focus on what I even went there in search of.

It may have been in part due to the events that took place the night before, but like I said, "What happens at Farm Chicks, stays at Farm Chicks"!

Which is also why I wont be able to share a story that makes me laugh so hard, I cry a hundred tears each time I tell it :-)

I did manage to pick up some fabulous finds though, and will be sharing them soon.

These flowers were all made of paper!

The artist was the sweetest gal, and could make the most realistic looking flowers.

Something about this is very inspiring to me....gets my wheels turning.

These lights were also amazing...love the bird overlay on the music sheets.

I was in love with this vendor's setup.


And lastly, this shot was taken at another gorgeous booth, Lipstick Gypsy. A mother with her daughters and cowgirl cuteness bursting at the seams!

This was a wonderful trip, that will definitely become a yearly tradition.