Welcome Home Wednesday #2

Welcome to our Classy Coop!

While I would have loved to invite you in the front door, our landscaping/walkway to the front door is not yet in place, so I thought I would have you come in the same way our other guests (and our family) enter...through the laundry room!

Our laundry room, which was originally a covered porch, sits just off of the kitchen.

We left the slanted ceiling, added french doors and a back porch for easy BBQ access, and to let in some much needed sunlight.

The aqua colored corner shelf is original to the house-same color and everything!


I had to add these pictures with our youngest daughter in them because in the only photo of the original room, our oldest is about the same age and the room looks much different.

I did all of the tile work in the house, and went with this black and white hex-dot tile from Home Depot. It comes in 12x12 sheets and was actually much easier to work with than it looks like.

The old lockers were given to me by my dad, and serve for some much needed storage space. Up top we keep medicine, and cleaning supplies, and down low, the girls get their own lockers for shoes, sports equipment, etc.

The vintage wire shopping carts sit along the wall and are used to sort our darks and lights.
I have an obsession with wire baskets, and love the way the toilet paper looks on display...much cuter than the paper wrappers that it comes home from Costco in.

I found this sink, faucet, vanity combo on Clearance at Costco and it's perfect!
It has a slanted, washboard front for scrubbing out kiddo stains.
The old window is out of my stash that I have for etching projects.
It does not open, and has purposefully been left chippy.
Our kitchen (on the other side) has no windows, so this beauty is a life saver.

The porcelain, pig towel hanger is a prized possession that I picked up while thrifting.

A place to leave notes/reminders and drop your keys by the back door.

The wire shelves were another salvaged item. I actually have more on hand, so if you are interested, let me know.

My laundry soap has a home in this old candy jar, and the fabric softener is nestled in the galvanized box.

This photo was taken when we were viewing the house.

My husband always looks at this picture and says, "What were thinking when we bought this place?"

I look at it and say, "What were we doing letting our baby walk around in such filth?"

Do you see that open door? It was sooo creepy, and I am so glad it is no longer! Now we only use the top of that cinder block room for storage and housing our furnace/water heater.

That's all for this week. I had a request for our Master Bedroom this week, but didn't have the time to get it clean enough for photos! Eeek, sorry. Maybe next week! Thanks for visiting our much-needed remodel.