Luke's Local Artists

It is Thursday and I have finally recovered from Luke's Local Artists!
While doing so, I completely missed Welcome Home Wednesday this week, and I am so sorry, but to make up for it I have lots of pics from this wonderful event that I was honored to have been part of.
In honor of a Luke Jensen,
people came together to enjoy art, live music, and friends as they helped raise awareness for some very special organizations.
Written by the wise Luke Jensen, this was just one of the many things on display that Luke's loving family shared.

I have to admit that for the first time ever, I started to second guess my style and setup as I gazed out at the Beverly Hillbilly-looking load in the back of the truck.

Being amidst some very talented, traditional artists, I worried that I may stand out...and I did. However; in the end, I think it was in a good way.
After entering the building and walking down a wide hallway, the building opened up to a big room where the stage was setup for the band, and I was directly off to the left.
I wanted to define my space, but still allow people to see in, so I put up this old fence and went for the, "gypsy cowgirl abandoned her bike on the side of the road" look.
Loved the "Release Your Inner Cowgirl" guitar case!
I just spray painted an old case, then took a sharpie to the front.
This antique frame, turned cork board is another fave.
The main fabric for this is actually from an old box spring mattress I found while out junking with my sister! I had no clue what I would do with it, but I was in love with the fabric so it came home with me.
I had a few Hillbilly Headbands™ up for grabs, along with my Cowgirl Canteens™, and some fun, colorful jewelry.
Some one made my day by saying all on her own, no prompting I promise, that it was, "very Anthropologie"!

Our bootlegs were lonely...
Ok, but really ladies, this is how it is done!
The event was held at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center and some of the art was still on the walls. I just so happened to score some beautiful crochet wall art behind my booth!
Looks like it was meant to be huh?
As heavy as it is, I try to pack this little anvil around with me to shows...believe it or not this is mini compared to my Dad's full size anvil.
A funny side note:
While unloading the truck I had set this in the driver's side floorboard. When a city slicker walked by and asked, "Isn't a little hard to drive with an anchor at your feet?"
Hahaha! Gotta love it. Needless to say, I called that guy sailor the rest of the night!
Here I am with my lovely sistas!
(Sister-in-law, Debbie on the left, Me, and my Sister Darcie on the right)
I tried to mix in some natural elements to my booth this time with some wood and river rocks that came from our property.

My oldest brother Ryan, and my sweet hubby showing off their bow ties.
Aren't they handsome?
I volunteered to make the handouts for guests at the door.
Luke's Mom, Vikki shared a day helping me make bow ties for the men and felt flower pins for the ladies.
I know in my teaser leading up to this event I showed a super cool sofa...well I decided not to haul the sofa all of the way to Portland, but I did finish it and wanted to share some "after" pictures:

I am very pleased with it, and look forward to seeing some of the professional pictures that it will be used in.
Danielle of Sweet Country Photography
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